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Access & Scaffolding

Supported Scaffolding

Big City Access carries the safest, most durable and most dependable frame and system scaffold products in the industry. Our experience allows us to expertly assist in configuring even the most unique and challenging projects.

Canopy Frames

Our canopy frames provide pedestrian overhead protection for sidewalks and building entrances/exits.

Stair Towers

Stair rungs inside a scaffold frame create a stair tower to access floors and rooftops.

Rolling & Stationary Towers

We provide standard steel frame towers and ring lock system scaffold towers. Rolling and stationary towers can be erected in various sizes to meet your project specifications and access requirements.


To complement our supported scaffold solutions, we provide a variety of accessories, including cross-braces, side brackets, end brackets, outriggers, casters, access ladders, guardrails, guardrail gates and guardrail posts.

Suspended Scaffolding

Big City Access offers Altrex suspended platform systems. The Altrex modular suspended platform system components are compact and flexible, making them ideal for temporary applications. Altrex can be used on a wide range of projects, including maintenance, repair and inspection jobs like building façades, curtain walls, stadiums, silos, oil tanks, bridges and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular sections
  • Fixed or adjustable corner sections available
  • Knocks down to completely fit into a truck
  • Lightweight aluminum parts easy to handle and carry
  • Quick assembly without any special tools
  • Weight capacities vary with length of stage needed
  • Meets or exceeds the most stringent applicable safety standards

Platform Options

  • Platform: can be configured from 10′ to 62′ with two hoists
  • Double-wide platform: A double-wide suspended platform is 54 inches wide and allows access to building façades with overhangs, cornices, large soffit areas, etc.
  • Double-deck platform: By adding a double deck kit, the standard Altrex modular platform system can be configured into a multi-level platform, allowing workers simultaneous access on two levels.

A ladder-type frame is connected at each end of the platform. By using the trapdoor in the upper deck, workers can safely climb from one level to another.

Trash Chutes

Our easy-to-use and durable trash chutes are made from heavy-duty plastic or a scaffold with a plywood chute. Our trash chutes are a quick, clean and safe solution that provides efficient debris removal.

Material Hoists

Material hoists provide efficient and safe transport of cargo, tools, construction materials, personnel and construction crews from ground level to designated heights.

Big City Access offers a wide variety of hoists, with lifting capacities up to 2,000 pounds. Our hoists can be mounted on beams attached to scaffolding or to a counterweight system. Additionally, a trolley system allows loads to be delivered to their required location.

Permanent Access Solutions

From window cleaning and surface repair, to painting, waterproofing and more, Big City Access sells, installs, tests, inspects and maintains permanent access solutions for all your exterior maintenance needs.

  • Wall and roof anchors
  • Fall restraint systems
  • Davit arms
  • Equipment testing

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Additional Solutions

As a BrandSafway company, Big City Access offers a broad range of complementary solutions. View our full range of products and services on or select a category below.